Merimbula's budding researchers

A group of budding researchers from the Merimbula Public School have done their school proud with a display of memorabilia, archival records and photos.

Supervised by co-ordinating teacher, Eva Mutsch, the students, working over two terms, trawled through the school’s archive and conducted independent research to curate the fascinating exhibition.

Speaking about their project Jessica Newell said she was impressed with how much the school had grown over the years now numbering over 400 students from 70 in its early years.

George Schweitzer said they were intrigued to discover some of the names from the 1955 “naughty book” were people who are still living locally, while Patrick Thompson said he could recognise the family resemblance among some of his current school mates who are descendants of earlier students.

Jackson Toms was inspired by the connection Percy Jackson had with the school, “even though he was not a teacher”.

Jessica Hindson noted the changes to the buildings and Hannah Ryan was curious about the total number of students who had passed through the school over the years. 

The timeline display was on show during the school’s annual Percy Jackson Cup events.

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